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Men’s Attire

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More and more weddings are moving away from the classic black tuxedo look and going more for a modern suit design, particularly with shades of grey or tan. Though wedding rules once stated that any wedding at night meant men would wear black tuxedos (usually with tails), now wedding parties are tending to make up their own rules. Basing a suit on the colors of the bridesmaids has become more popular, and wearing tan or light gray colors are now acceptable for anytime of the day.

Weddings seem to be becoming more relaxed, and the wedding party often exemplifies this trend. All weddings are not held in a church with a following reception; now weddings take place in backyards, music venues, and barns. Due to the lack of formality, the need to mirror the overall vibe of the big deal is pronounced. A suit allows for the wedding party to remain classic and well-dressed while straying away from the traditional tuxedo.

In a recent outing to a tailor shop, I noticed a lot of colors within the shop’s suit racks strayed from the traditional black. When I voiced my observation, the gentleman commented that “gray is the new black.” So for those of you who may be planning your men’s attire, here are some 2014 trends that may peak your interest…



As stated already, when it comes to weddings there seems to be an increase in tan and gray suits. However, wedding parties are now tending to incorporate a color or pattern from the bridesmaids into the men’s ensembles. For example, if the bridesmaids’ dresses are mint, a mint tie or pocket square unify the entire group together. The neutral tones of tan and gray allow for almost any color to act as an accent.


Other trends are interrupting the traditional suit ensemble as well. Suspenders are making a major comeback with the groom and his men. (Remember Ryan Reynolds and his suspenders for his wedding?) Just be sure that they match the suit color, and if the groom decides to go with a patterned pair be sure that the rest of the outfit is monochromatic.


Mismatched ties/bow ties are also on the trend. Not only do these mixes of patterns and colors add spontaneity to any wedding party, but they can also allow individualism and personality in each groomsman.


Ditching suit jackets for only vests, or no vests at all has also become popular. (I am a BIG fan of this look!) Especially for those warm wedding months in outdoor scenes, the rolled-up-sleeves-look is informal yet classy. For anyone seeking a less-elegant feel to their summer wedding, this may be an idea to use.


In the end, the wedding day should be an extension of the bride and groom. Coordinating the wedding parties makes for a beautiful statement, but the most important aspect is the commitment the couple is making to one another. Traditions are becoming something of the past, but this aspect remains. The luxury of creating one’s own look through their wedding party is only a part of the bigger scheme. However, the idea of making a statement and forging one’s own path for their wedding day is becoming increasingly important, and will continue to be true in the years to come.

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