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Traveling with Your Dress

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“The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” Thank you John Steinbeck for these words of wisdom! But how on Earth do they relate to wedding dress travel? Well put simply, ladies, please please please, when getting your plans together for packing, do NOT forget your precious dress! No matter how great your packing game is, if you leave your dress to the last minute something could go wrong and who wants that stress days before your wedding? So what’s the best game plan for packing that bundle? Read and find out!

• Do not fold it up in a suitcase and check it. Murphy’s law says if something can go wrong, it will. No matter how many times you’ve traveled and not lost your luggage, the one time you pack your wedding dress separately and let it out of your sight, it will end up in Timbuktu. The best plan of action is to keep your dress in your sights at all times.

• Check with your airline about what they recommend. Taking your dress (in a garment bag…still no folding in a suitcase) on a plane has its own challenges too. You could buy it it’s own seat and strap it in for the ride, or wait til everyone else has placed their luggage in the overhead and lay it nicely on top. Or you can check and see if the flight attendants have a closet you could stow it in. But honestly, the poofier the dress, the more appealing buying it it’s own seat will be. Moral of this story, is keep it flat or hanging the best you can to avoid wrinkles.

• Have a game plan for when you reach your destination. Does your hotel offer a steaming service? Maybe take them up on it to have your dress looking its best. We all look a little worse for wear after travel, and your dress is no exception. A few passes with a steamer will have it looking fresh. Also, be sure to have a sewing kit with matching string for any seams or loose buttons.

• What about after the big day? Are you catching another flight for your honeymoon destination? Are you going to tote your dress with you? Who will be in charge of getting your dress to the cleaners or home? So many questions to think through! Talk it over with your family and friends. Maybe mom can drive it home with her until you’re back or maybe your maid of honor is going to fly it back to your town so a suitcase will be fine. Make sure your mom has room in her car and that your friend will be equipped with an empty suitcase (and the cash to pay for checking it!)


I know, there’s so many things to think about if you need to travel long or short distances with your dress. But, by having the conversation happen and thinking about all the variables you will have a great plan in place and have one less thing to stress about when your wedding day arrives!


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