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Traditional vs E-Vites

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In today’s media frenzied society, most people have a phone, tablet, or laptop close to them throughout the day. Checking email, Facebook statuses, Twitter accounts, and Instagram is turning into an automatic thing for people. This leads many brides to wonder if emailing wedding invitations is the way to go to ensure as many guests as possible can be reached with the information about their big day. There are many reasons to consider going this route. One point to consider is the cost and time savings. Using an internet site to make and distribute the invitations can save hundreds to potentially thousands in product and postage. Also, some sites offer an RSVP service to make it easy and convenient for guests to respond and keep track of the answers for you. E-vites are also more eco-friendly for the couples that are interested in going green for their wedding day festivities.

However, not everyone is convinced the more technological route is the way to go. Not every person is comfortable using the internet to reply to invitations. Some may not have internet access and could risk not seeing the invitation. Depending on some email settings, the invitation could go to the spam folder and the recipient may not know they received it. Also, some traditionalists may feel like a digital copy of a wedding invitation doesn’t provide the same feeling of importance that an invitatio1559530_829490510409737_134441241_on made with paper and ink can provide. One last thing to consider is some e-vites may not clearly state who is invited; whether a plus one is included or if kids are welcome to attend as well, so more careful wording may need to be considered.

Some couples decide to compromise and utilize the cost saving technology for the save-the-dates, bridal shower, engagement party, bachelor(ette) parties, and rehearsal dinner invitations and still go the more traditional route for the actual wedding invitation. Websites to consider for e-vites include,, and Vendors for traditional invitations could include,, and also check out local print shops to see what they have available. No matter what route you decide to go, it’s still considered proper etiquette to provide a hand written thank you after the wedding is over. So whether you choose the more modern e-vite or traditional paper and ink invitation, the choice is up to you and what you think will be most appropriate for the majority of your guests.



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