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Take Care of Your Man!

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Okay, so speaking completely stereotypically, there is this idea floating out in the world that girls start planning their wedding when they are about…oh…8 years old. It’s assumed and accepted the bride will do the bulk of the planning for the festivities of the wedding. But, it’s not just about HER (I’m so sorry to anyone who thinks that), but the only reason she gets to be planning a wedding is because she has a HIM. Ladies don’t forget about your man! In 2013 David’s Bridal did a survey that found that 83% of grooms are actively involved in the decision making process of planning the nuptials. Guys want to have their ideas heard; don’t forget, this is most likely the most important day of their lives so far too. But, whether or not you guy wants to be involved or is perfectly dandy taking a step back and letting you do your thing, here are 5 ideas you can do to make sure your groom feels super-extra special when he says, “I do.”

Dress him up too

You’ve just purchased probably one of the most special/expensive/gorgeous dresses you will ever wear in your entire life. And you are probably only going to be wearing this dress once! Why should your guy have to rent a suit 100 other grooms have worn on their wedding day? Why not have your guy splurge too and get, if not a designer brand, but a really nice tailored suit for himself? Unlike your dress, he may have more opportunity to re-wear his suit on special occasions. A good suit for a guy is like an investment and one that he will be able to cash in on for years to come.

Stock the barSweet Little Photographs

Again speaking stereotypically, even if your groom has virtually no opinion on any other detail of the wedding, his ears will at least perk up when the mention of the bar comes into play. If this is the case, maybe you can work with either your bar vendor or venue, whoever is handling the liquor, and surprise him with either his favorite something or perhaps a rare/valuable bottle of whatever he likes. This may take some coordinating as whoever is handling the alcohol will have to work within state regulations and such, but it’s something that he will really appreciate when he can celebrate with his favorite cocktail. **Note: While bourbon and craft beer bars are fun and make great photos, all alcohol at Shadowland must be served by our professional bartenders.**


Book an event for him and his buddies

The time leading up to your wedding day can be a really good time for you and your girls and him and his guys to really bond and create some great memories together.  Because whether you mean to or not, usually after the festivities are over, you and your new hubby may go on hiatus from a lot of your usual social life since you will most likely have a honeymoon, then have to settle into life post wedding and figure out what your new routine will be. Wouldn’t it be so nice if you planned something for all the guys to do together? Maybe you score some tickets to a baseball game (or whatever sporting event that floats their boat), or you book a night for them at a casino, or maybe they would all enjoy getting cleaned up with an old-fashioned haircut and shave from a barbershop. You know your man and what his friends would enjoy. Taking time out of wedding day planning to recognize how important his friends are to him will only make him appreciate you more and maybe his eyes won’t glaze over when you want to have a conversation on linen colors for the 20th time. 🙂

Wedding day gifts!Paul and Sylvia Photography and Design

Whether you exchange gifts in person or need a messenger to get his gift to him, give him something as a token of your love for him…and to thank him for putting up with all the conversations on linen, dresses, budgets, favors, food, everything you’ve vented about over the course of your engagement. He basically deserves a medal ladies, because let’s just admit it, even if you weren’t an all-out bridezilla, you probably snapped at him at least once over the course of planning. Personalized cuff links, sports memorabilia you know he will love, something to go along with a hobby he has, big or small, a gift he will love to open the morning of your wedding will make him light up even more when he sees you.

Put him in charge of an aspect of the day…and let him take care of it!Lulu Lopez Photograhy

Ladies, even if you have been planning your wedding since you were 8 and think you have every decision made, consider letting him take the reins on an aspect of the day. Maybe the only thing he really truly cares about when it comes to enjoying his wedding day is making sure there is a killer DJ…so let him secure that. Maybe he has strong views on the bar and your only need is having vodka tonics available…let him head up the bar then. Or whatever he wants to be in charge of, if it’s something that maybe you don’t have a strong view on or don’t feel you need to be in the middle of, let him have it! And when you relinquish control of whatever he chose, really let go and let him take care of it. Try not to nag or insert your opinion too much (I know, it’s hard), but let him shine. Now, if he’s procrastinating and isn’t working on it, then you may need to point out the importance of finding vendors early before they are booked, but do so in a nice and kind way.

So ladies, maybe your groom isn’t into planning parties the way you are, or maybe he just has a few things he really wants to be involved in. Whatever his planning style, don’t forget to show him how much you appreciate him and how excited you are to marry him.


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Craft Beer Bar: Sweet Little Photographs

Bourbon: James Galbraith

Wedding Day Gifts: Paul and Sylvia Photography and Design

Groom’s Task: Lulu Lopez Photography

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