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Summer Wedding Myths

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Show of hands, who thinks time of year is the be-all-end-all in determining your wedding theme/colors/style? It is important and can help for sure. It may raise an eyebrow to decorate with flamingos and pineapples in January while a snowstorm is going on…but if that’s your style and how you’ve always envisioned your wedding, go for it! There’s a few myths that have come about with summer weddings too and we are here to say they are just that—myths.

1. Summer weddings need to be outside or you’re doing it wrong


Wes Mosley Photography, just no. If you’re anything like me, dear reader, you may have the absolute worst luck ever when it comes to weather. My outdoor beach graduation party in June was the coldest day of the month and it rained buckets. When it comes time for me to plan one of the biggest days of my life, you can bet your bottom dollar I will be indoors with climate control. And that’s okay! Summer weather in a lot of the world is a toss-up and not always bankable it’s going to be 75 and sunny with a slight breeze. For planning purposes sometimes it’s all around less stressful to have an indoor venue and no what you’re dealing with. Some venues offer the best of both world with a lot of windows or having indoor/outdoor space so you and your guests can experience the beautiful summer weather.



2. If you’re having a summer wedding then you better love pastels or bold bright colors…or else!

While pretty in pinks and watercolors are more prevalent in warmer months, they are not the only colors on the color wheel! Mixing in a few darker tones, having pops of colors work great, and can show off your own personal style.

True Photography

3. Summer weddings are not formal

Absolutley positively false. While summer probably means you can’t force your girls in brocade and velvet due to ya know, heat, summer doesn’t automatically mean boat shoes, seersucker, and sundresses. How you portray your wedding in invitations and on your wedding website should set the tone for what kind of vibe you want to have. Dropping clues like semi-formal attire or black tie optional will denote a more formal event than saying dressy casual or beach casual.

Jami Fujawa Photography


4. The heat is going to ruin everything

Well, it’s possible the heat will present some challenges, it shouldn’t ruin your entire day. It may mean going with a fondant cake rather than buttercream that could melt. It could mean providing some sort of fan or umbrella for your ceremony so guests can have a little breeze or shade. It could mean having a heartier flower rather than a delicate one that’s prone to wilting. Talk to your local vendors! They know the season and area and they know what will be best for the product you are buying. They may adjust delivery times or make suggestions for different things. The key is to listen to them and follow their advice! So many wedding pros have stories where they suggest one thing, have valid reasons for doing so and the couple doesn’t listen and things go awry. You are paying your professionals good money for their expertise. Use the tools and advice they are giving you. They want your day to be as much of a success as you do.

All in all your wedding needs to be a reflection of you and your person. There’s so many different factors that goes into planning and at the end of the day, you need to do what is best for you and yours and have the best day ever…the day you want to remember for years to come!

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