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Where to Rehearsal Dinner in St. Joseph!

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Before the huge wedding day festivities can happen, there must be some practice. You have to rehearse who is going at what time and where exactly everyone is placed. So, after all of that rehearsing, you all want to go out and celebrate, and there is no better way to celebrate than with some delicious eats! If you’re looking to get married in St. Joseph (Aka the most beautiful place on Lake Michigan), than you’re probably looking for some good rehearsal dinner restaurants to celebrate the fact that you’re almost there. Well look no future, my friend, because here is your guide to some great, as well as tasty, places to host your rehearsal dinner!

  • Silver Beach Pizza


I know, a pizza joint sounds a little casual, but it should definitely be considered. First off, everyone loves pizza and there is no denying that fact. Second, it is located literally steps away from Silver Beach, and they just added a new second floor covered with windows that looks absolutely amazing when the sunset is happening. Also, did I mention that literally everyone in the world loves pizza?  SBP is a fun, casual eatery with tons of great food, and it can seat as few or as many guests as you’d like to invite. Whether you rent out a whole room, or a big table, SBP could be just the place you’re looking for.

  • 221 Main

221 Main

If you’re looking for something a bit more formal, 221 might be just the place to go. Located directly across Main St., this location is open late, so if you’re having way too much fun to leave, you don’t have to (at least until they force you out)! Another plus is that with their extensive menu, you are sure to please even the pickiest of eaters. Not only will it please all of your picky people, however it also has a wonderful atmosphere. The dark woods and modern art pieces give a fancy and elegant sense, but also a relaxed and fun vibe overlying the room. Everyone is guaranteed to have happy, delicious memories of your rehearsal dinner, and you can rest assure that the lovely people of 221 Main have got your back!

  • Tavern on the River


This restaurant feels like you just walked onto a movie set, especially at night. The outside view overlooks the St. Joseph channel, and at night they light up the deck with string lights, so it really makes it all that much more magical. Now, this one is a bit more casual, but the location is prime. Open late and a fun, relaxed atmosphere, Tavern on the River is a great place to go and have some celebratory, rehearsal dinner drinks and some delicious fries. If you have a, small wedding party or rehearsal dinner group, Tavern on the River is the perfect place for your intimate celebration and the perfect place to say, “We’re one day closer!”

  • Bread + Bar

Bread + Bar

This one is a classic for rehearsal dinners. Although it is not located in the downtown St. Joseph area, it is just right across the bridge over in Benton Harbor, so not a long drive whatsoever.  Not only is Bread + Bar delicious in their food region, but it is also known for their desserts. Bread + Bar is associated with Bit of Swiss Bakery, so you know that they are going to make some steller cakes and cookies. Maybe you are even getting your wedding cake from Bit of Swiss, so think of this as a way to get your rehearsal dinner people pumped up for the more delicious desserts to come.  With its rustic and modern feel, Bread + Bar has some great vibes to ensure a great time!

  • Bistro on the Boulevard


Located directly on the Bluff in downtown St. Joseph, the Bistro is a fantastic choice to host your dinner. With seating both inside and outside, you can rest assured that you are prepared for any kind of weather. This is also a perfect place to host especially if you are an out-of-town wedding party. Attached to the Bistro is the Boulevard hotel, perfect for your far away guests to stay. This out of town option is perfect: you could get ready upstairs, go practice, come back to the Bistro and eat, then just walk up stairs to your hotel room. No need to worry about drivers and transportation or being the lame one who just wants to go back and sleep when you book your dinner here. Anyway you put it, this one is a win-win situation all around!

St. Joseph is the perfect place to say your “I do’s” and it is the perfect place to have your rehearsal dinner. The restaurants above are just a few of the great places that our little town has to offer, and even a quick walk around town will give you plenty more menus and options to choose from.  St. Joseph is the best destination, in-town or beach wedding place that you could ask for, and it has some even better food to back that up. So go out and celebrate with your family, future family, and friends that you are just that much closer to your wedding day festivities!




Tavern on the River

221 Main

Bread + Bar

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