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Recycling the Dress

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Wedding dresses come in all shapes, sizes, styles. That pretty much goes without saying. No matter the price, color, fabric, or length, the thing that every wedding dress tends to have in common is that after wearing it for oh, 10 or so hours, once you take it off you almost never have any reason to put it back on. Can anything be done about this? Here are 4 ideas for you to maximize usage of the most beautiful dress you will ever wear.

Store it for next generation

NICOLE BAKER PHOTOGRAPHYOkay, so this is like the common go to thing to do with the dress. But, it still is a viable option and is the most popular way to go for a reason. However, instead of saving it for when your daughters for their wedding day, why not let them play dress up with it when they’re younger? I’m not saying it needs to become a staple in the dress up chest and end up smeared with PB&J and mac and cheese. But what if for one super special day that your kids are playing wedding dress up, which all kids inevitably do, why not pull the dress out and let the “bride” fashion her gown out of yours? Get the camera ready and poised to take as many pictures as you can…because someday when she is planning her wedding, whether she wears your dress again or not, those playtime dress up pictures will be pure gold.


Keepsake it

Turn your dress into something you can use again and again! Some brides have cut a swatch of fabric out and placed it in a locket to always wear or put it in a shadow box for décor in their new home. Pillows and squares in quilts are other homey ideas. One idea I came across that I thought was really special and unique was having someone take your dress and convert it into a christening gown for any munchkins you and your husband will share in the future. That gown could be used for all the kids and then even get passed down to your kids and grandkids. If you aren’t crafty or handy with a needle and thread, talk with your local seamstress or whoever handled altering your dress to see if they’d be available to help deconstruct your dress.

Wear it again!

No seriously, this is an option. I bet that for a lot of brides out there you and your friends went through a period of time where it felt like you were in or attending a wedding at least once or twice a month. Y’all had a wedding boom and now a few years later, why not have an anniversary party at someone’s house and wear your dresses? Whether you stay in or have a night on the town, getting all dolled up and again and slipping that dress back on is a lot of fun. Reminisce with your girls about the wedding highs and lows, the embarrassing dancing your dad did after a couple Jack and Cokes, flip through pictures, watch wedding videos…just have a fun night with your girlfriends a couple years after the newlywed feeling goes away.JKOE PHOTOGRAPHY

Trash it


This trend is growing in its popularity. What is said to have started with a photographer in Las Vegas, trashing the dress is a way to extend the photo shoot after the wedding and get some pretty unique photos you probably won’t get on the day of your nuptials. Contrary to the phrase, your beautiful wedding dress doesn’t need to be necessarily ruined after this session. Some brides get pictures of them wearing it on the beach or in the woods, places where a crisp white dress is out of place and will likely just get a little dirty. Some do go the extra mile and go swimming or horseback riding, some get in a paint or chalk fight with their husbands. The results are some seriously stunning pictures that make a lot of brides feel like they were in an au couture photo shoot for a magazine and will give youBEAUTIFUL DAY PHOTOGRAPHY not only beautiful photography for your home, but will contribute in the adventures and memories you and your husband will start sharing together.

Wedding dresses are quite the investment in making brides feel, well, like brides! Having a game plan for what you think you’d like to do after your wedding can really help put your mind at ease as you sign the check or swipe the credit card at check-out.

Photo Credits:

Store it: Nicole Baker Photography and Erica Finnan Photography

Wear it again: JKoe Photography

Trash it: Jennica Hookstra Photography and Beautiful Day Photography

Featured Image: Wes Mosley Photography



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