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Holiday Weddings Yay or Nay?

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With Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s right around the corner, many couples may be thinking about booking a holiday wedding in the next year or so. Is this really a good idea though? Before booking, consider both sides of the coin before putting any deposits down

The Pros:

 1.       Friends and family are most likely out of work

Holiday time means longer weekends and longer weekends means time to party! This should allow more folks to be able to be included in the rehearsal dinner or morning after brunch festivities. And it’s a good excuse to get all the extended family together around the holiday season.

 2.       Future Anniversaries

 Planning the nuptials around a holiday means that every year you and your hubby will have extra time off around your anniversary to celebrate just the two of you or be able to throw a bash with your family and friends.

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 3.       Built in theme

If doing your wedding around the holidays, embrace the theme. Whether it be winter wonderland or a 4th of July bash, the holiday theme will lend itself to an already festive atmosphere.


 The Cons:

1.       Family traditions may possibly be skipped

Some families get together every year around the same time and link it into a holiday weekend for the same reasons as above. Asking friends and family to give that up may seem like a good idea (who doesn’t want to celebrate a wedding?) But it may leave guests feeling torn and may resent you for asking to give up their yearly treat.

2.       You’re asking your vendors to work

So yes, your family and friends have time off, but you’re also asking your venue, photographer, DJ, etc…to also give up their family time and possible traditions. It can also be trickier for them to find support staff (servers, bartenders, assistants, kitchen staff…) because they may be going out of town or say they are not available to work.

 3.       Travel expenses sky rocket

Holiday travel airfare, gas prices, and lodging fees are considerably more expensive than other times of the year. For some guests these added expenses may not be in the budget with all the other holiday expenses they will be juggling.

4.       It may potentially add more stress for an already stressful time of year

Let’s face it, holidays are stressful with the gift buying, meal prep, and juggling other parties and commitments. Your last minute wedding details could get thrown to the back burner for you and your friends.

While at first glance a holiday wedding sounds like a win-win, there are some downsides to consider. Overall just make sure you’re setting yourself and your vendors and support team up for success!


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