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The Great Debate: Fresh or Fake Flowers?

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How many of you out there are torn between what kind of floral you want to incorporate into your big day…and budget? It’s a fair concern! What comes to mind when you think of fake flowers? Visions of scratchy, dusty, faded fabric bulbs in Grandma’s living room? To be fair, that’s what fake flowers were for many years and so the connotation that comes with fake can be cheesy, low quality blooms. But, alas! Fake flowers have really come a long way! There are some artificial flowers out there that even upon the closest of inspections, most people won’t be able to tell they did not once grow in the ground. So why go with one bloom over another?

Some advantages of real, fresh flowers are if you choose flowers in season, typically the buds won’t be as pricey as trying to find flowers out of season. In addition, most couples using real flowers will be contracting them through a florist so they will be the pros at arranging, transporting, and setting up the flowers. In terms of beauty and ambiance, real flowers really can’t be beat in what they bring to the table. Even if they aren’t a heavily scented blossom, having living plants in a space does lend itself to a fresh and luxuriantly clean scent.

 Photography by Justin B. Hankins.

However, fresh blooms do have some downsides. If your heart is set on an out of season flower, prices will be significantly higher. Depending on your ceremony/reception venues, real flowers can wilt if set out in the sun/heat for too long. If they are outside, they can also attract bees and wasps…that may cause some guests’ allergies to flare. Guests could also be allergic to the pollen of real blooms and could possibly make them uncomfortable to downright sick if exposed to them for too long.

For those who opt to go the artificial route, the advantages are definitely there. All those bug and allergy concerns disappear! They never die so you will be able to keep your bouquet looking beautiful for years to come. There is more flexibility with selection because they obviously don’t go out of season and there isn’t the concern of blooms wilting or dying on a warm day. Imitation blossoms can also be appealing for those what want to DIY their centerpieces and they can complete them months in advance. Who doesn’t love checking something off the to-do list? Silk flowers are also more consistent in look since nature can have imperfections and inconsistencies.

Nevertheless, going the artificial flower route does bring its own set of drawbacks. Just because you aren’t opting for fresh flowers, that doesn’t necessarily mean the price will be much lower. There is quite a range of synthetic blooms out there and for the high quality ones that will keep guests guessing if they are real or fake, can be pricey. While they are great for arranging ahead of time, make sure they are stored in containers where they won’t be prone to collect dust or lose shape.

Some couples have had the best of both world and incorporated both artificial and real blooms into their day. For those who want to submerge floral pieces in water, maybe cutting the cost of a real flower could work and still blend in. Maybe the bouquet could be made with seasonal (aka cheaper!) blooms and supplemented with a couple high-end synthetic blooms that could be out of season? Whatever route you decide to go, you really can’t go wrong and your day will be beautiful!

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