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First Look?

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A growing trend in the industry is the couple having a “First Look” before walking down the aisle. For you traditionalists out there, you may be panicking at the thought of bringing bad luck to the already stressful day and be looking for the nearest salt shaker to throw over your left shoulder, so this route may not be for you. But for those wanting to be a little trendier, or may just be in a time crunch and need to move things along quicker, a first look may be for you.

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Why all the buzz about bad luck?

Once upon time in a far off land a long long time ago, (or still in some cultures today), arranged marriages were all the rage. The fathers of two successful businesses would decide to marry off their son and daughter in an effort to grow the businesses and have both families prosper. Sounds like a win-win for everyone right? But the dear old dads didn’t always let the couple meet before the wedding in case the son didn’t think his bride-to-be was pretty enough and cancel the whole thing! (Pretty shallow if you ask me). So since I’m guessing this happened a time or two, somebody decided it was bad luck for the groom to see the bride at all before the big day. As times went on and the novel idea came about that people should be able to choose their own mates, the superstition got reduced down to the groom not seeing the bride on the wedding day before the big reveal walking down the aisle.

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What’s going on today?

Obviously, times are changing. People are not only able to choose who they want to spend the rest of their lives with, couples are increasingly living together and starting families before taking the plunge into married life. In this case, some couples have the mindset, “My person has already seen me looking my worst, why wait hours to have them see me at my best?” Very valid point. Also, some people have huge bridal parties or huge families (or both!) and if everyone waited til after the ceremony to take pictures, it’d be midnight before it was all done. So some couples do a first look to get the ball rolling with pictures to ensure they get to the reception earlier and get to eat and Wes Mosley Photographyparty quicker. Thanks to Pinterest, first look reveals are also inspiring couples to get some artsy shots and some couples feel it’s more intimate to have a private look than waiting until the ceremony.

Whatever you decide, the moment will be super special as you see each other for the first time as you embark on your new life together.

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