Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the Shadowland rental fee?

Rental of Shadowland includes:

  • The Shadowland Ballroom
  • The Sunset Room
  • The Sunset Patio
  • Onsite event venue planner
  • Dedicated events staff person(s) to oversee your wedding start to finish
  • Tables and padded banquet chairs
  • Timeless concentric embossed china
  • Glassware and flatware
  • Use of microphones and Audio system
  • Use of CD player and iPod input
  • Exclusive Kaleidoscope photo show opportunity
  • Reserved Shadowland parking lot (excluding July 4th)

What is the maximum number of guests allowed in the Ballroom?

The Shadowland Ballroom can hold up to 300 guests. (The smallest wedding we have hosted is 85 people.)

Are there any guest minimums I might expect for my wedding reception?

Shadowland has a minimum of 150 guests and a 3-hour bar package for Saturday events during peak season (May 1-October 31). If you happen to have less than 150 guests but would still like a Saturday during this time, you are certainly still welcome to book with Shadowland. You will just pay for at least 150 guests regardless of count.

Most Friday and Sunday events have no minimum requirements. The only exceptions are July 4th, New Years Eve, and Sundays during holiday weekends. These days are subject to Saturday rates and policies.

How many hours is the wedding venue rental?

When you rent the Shadowland Ballroom, the rental includes 6 hours use of the venue.

What is the time frame for my wedding day?

You are able to enter the Ballroom at 10am the day of your wedding to begin decorating.

Depending on when your reception begins, 6 hours use of the venue (or until 11:30pm) are included in your rental fee. Pricing for additional time is available upon request.

When it comes to the end of the evening, the bar closes at 11pm and the DJ/Band will be asked to quit playing at 11:30pm. All guests and brought-in decorations should be out of the Ballroom by midnight.

Can my ceremony be held in the Ballroom before my reception?

Some of our couples choose to have their ceremony right in the ballroom. Our ceremony fee is $500.  You have several options:

  1. Your guests will come in the ballroom and find their assigned table that they will be using for the reception and sit at this location.  The ceremony will be held on the center of the dance floor.  This option works very well for larger weddings.
  2. Guests will enter the ballroom and sit in the Sunset Room (carpeted area of the ballroom) or other designated ceremony location.  Reception tables will be preset off to the side of the room. After the ceremony is completed, staff will rearrange the room according to the predetermined reception room layout. This option works well for weddings under 175.
  3. The Sunset Patio (outside of the ballroom) also makes a lovely ceremony site.  The wedding party would be located under the canopy while the wedding guests would be seated on the Sunset Patio pavement facing the ballroom.  Rental chairs from an outside company would be required for this option.

Am I able to rent the Silver Beach Carousel for my event?

The Carousel is available to rent during your celebrations. Whether to entertain your guests or take some amazing photographs (or both!), the Carousel is sure to impress. Contact for rates and additional information.

How many tables and chairs does Shadowland have available for my wedding day?

Shadowland has 300 chairs available along with an assortment of 60” round, 8’ rectangular, 48” rectangular, and 30” tall cocktail tables.

One 60” round table can fit up to eight people comfortably on your special day.

Does the Shadowland offer linen?

Starting in 2016, Shadowland includes the use of house linens in a rental of the ballroom. House linen colors for table cloths include white, ivory, navy, and black with a variety of napkin colors to choose from.

Business meetings rentals and Sunset Room rentals do not include linen at this time and can be rented for $2 per person.

When can I come in and set up? Tear down?

You will have access to the Ballroom at 10am the day of your wedding in order to set up your decorations. If you choose to use linen through Shadowland, then the linen will be set up for you by the time you arrive at 10am.

Shadowland asks for all guests and brought-in decorations to be torn down and out of the Ballroom by midnight the day of your wedding.

When decorating, can I hang décor from the Shadowland ceilings, walls, and/or floors?

Though Shadowland asks nothing to be attached to the walls or floors, the West side of the Ballroom and the Sunset Room’s ceilings allow for decorations to be hung from their ceilings. Fishing line, lanterns, and other ceiling decor may be brought into Shadowland in order to decorate these areas of the Ballroom. Shadowland is able to supply magnetic hooks and a ladder in which to assist you in your decorating.

Am I allowed to have candles in the Ballroom?

As long as your candles are in some sort of holder, you are more than welcome to bring candles for decorating!

Can I bring foods of my own into the Ballroom?

Shadowland allows shelf-stable snacks (i.e. chips, pretzels, nuts, etc.) to be brought into events. However, any foods which require a serving staff (hot or refrigerated foods) are not allowed as we have an exclusive caterer through Shadowland Catering.

Can I bring in/make my own wedding cake?

You are welcome to bring your own wedding cake into Shadowland as long as the bakery it was made in is licensed.

Does Shadowland allow for different choices of plated meals to be offered during my wedding?

You can offer up to three different plated menu choices to your guests during your wedding celebration.

Does Shadowland have microphones I can use?

Shadowland has a complete audio system available for use and is included in your rental fee. At an additional charge our two 13’ screens and projectors may be used as well.

Can my DJ/Band plug into the Shadowland sound system?

The Ballroom does not allow for your DJ/Band to use the Shadowland sound system, so your DJ/Band will need to bring their own.

Is there parking nearby for my guests?

As part of your rental fee, you are able to use the Silver Beach Center’s parking lot at no additional charge. There are about 80 parking spots available for you and your guests.

Are there certain vendors I am required to use with Shadowland?

Food and beverages are supplied through Shadowland Catering, but there are many wonderful vendors located near our venue. We are able to supply a Vendor Resource Guide to assist you in your searches.

When does Shadowland need my final guest count?

Your final count is required 14 days prior to your event. Your final payment is due 7 days prior to your event.