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Expect the Unexpected

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Your big day is finally here! After months of build up and planning it’s finally time to tie the knot. But oh no! That fabulous manicure you got yesterday just chipped…and it’s of course your left ring finger that will be featured in numerous pictures after the nuptials. Thankfully your BFF maid of honor thought ahead and packed an emergency kit just for a mishap like this. What else did she pack away? Keep this list handy so you can be prepared for anything that could go wrong from before walking down the aisle to boogying into the night. read more

Shadowland Takes Vegas

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11072712_1221345197890931_2761155407726514078_nShadowland staff had an amazing opportunity last month to travel to Las Vegas for the Wedding Merchants Business Academy (WMBA). Executive Director Nicole Beltz and Event Coordinator Cheyenne Galbraith spent the week there attending classes and furiously taking notes to better improve our couples’ experience at Shadowland. After sitting down with them and reviewing the highlights of the conference here are some things we learned to advance our brand and be better equipped to give our couples the day of their dreams! read more

How To: Escort Cards

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OMG! You are about one month away from your wedding day and the RSVP cut off is here! Now comes one of the biggest stresses couples can find themselves dealing with…assigning seats and creating escort cards. There are many components to this headache…matching up the right 8 people to sit together at a table, keeping track of meal choices, and just when you think you have it right, cousin so-and-so calls and says they got the day off work so can you please count them as a yes? This process is enough to make anyone want to pull their hair out. While Shadowland can’t magically make this process disappear, we do have some tips to keep in mind when creating these cards.*Note, most of these tips apply to those either doing assigned seating and/or a plated meal with guest choices. read more

Let Them Eat Cake…Or Not!

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Brides and Grooms today want to be trendy and unique and make their weddings stand out from the pack. What better way to do this than to mix things up and nix the traditional wedding cake?! Not that there’s anything wrong with cake, we love it, but there are so many great desserts out there and if cake isn’t your fancy, don’t hesitate to go in a whole new direction. It’s your day, have the dessert that makes you the happiest. Some things we’ve seen at Shadowland this season: read more

Engagement Ring Crash Course

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So you found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. You have a good idea on how you want to pop the question, but now you need the bling. For the stereotypical guy, chances are you don’t have a lot of experience in a high-end jewelry store. Never fear, this article will give you a crash course in how to buy the ring of her dreams and get you started in the direction you need to go.

First and foremost, before you even step into the jewelers, talk to her best friend or sister. It’s not a myth; girls sit around with their girlfriends and talk about what kind of ring they want. Don’t ask why, we just do. The closest girl in your girlfriend’s life will most likely know what shape, band color, and general look of the ring you should be looking for. They can also be utilized to sneak around and get the ring size. Try to take an old ring to the jeweler with you (make sure it’s one that fits her ring finger!), or if she will notice a piece of jewelry missing, trace the outline of the ring on a piece of paper. For sizing, a good rule of thumb is to err on the side of a bigger size; it’s easier to size down than to size up. Also, even before walking into the store, have an idea of what sort of budget you are working with and leave some wiggle room. She may have champagne taste and you may have a beer budget, so you may both have to meet somewhere in the middle to make sure she is happy and you don’t break the bank. read more

Why Do We Do That?

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“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue,” we’ve all heard that rhyme at some point in time. Wedding celebrations have been around for centuries, with every culture doing things just a bit differently. However, most traditions have the goal of blessings couples with good luck, happiness, fertility, and prosperity. Here are a few examples of some of the modern day traditions and how they got their start way back when…

Best Man and Bridesmaids

Back in the day, it wasn’t just a manner of picking your closest friends to party with and plan the wedding. No, this carefully selected bunch had to be on hand to possibly defend you if kidnappers, scorned exe’s, or disapproving parents tried to ruin the nuptials. The “Best” in Best Man meant that that guy knew his way around a sword and would fight for you and your bride, should the need arise. This is also why the groom and groomsmen stand on the right at the altar, this position kept their right hand, aka sword holding hand, free in case they had to fight at a moment’s notice. read more

What’s On Tap?

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Craft beer and microbreweries are trending throughout the country, and Michigan is right at the center of this trend. Michigan alone has more than 200 breweries in the state, making it the 4th largest producer of beer in the United States. With so many different brews out there, what should you drink at your wedding? Here are some brews that tend to be great crowd pleasers and may introduce your guests to something other than that common yellow fizzy beer

Round Barn

Round Barn Kolsch (Baroda-Year Round): read more

Traditional vs E-Vites

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In today’s media frenzied society, most people have a phone, tablet, or laptop close to them throughout the day. Checking email, Facebook statuses, Twitter accounts, and Instagram is turning into an automatic thing for people. This leads many brides to wonder if emailing wedding invitations is the way to go to ensure as many guests as possible can be reached with the information about their big day. There are many reasons to consider going this route. One point to consider is the cost and time savings. Using an internet site to make and distribute the invitations can save hundreds to potentially thousands in product and postage. Also, some sites offer an RSVP service to make it easy and convenient for guests to respond and keep track of the answers for you. E-vites are also more eco-friendly for the couples that are interested in going green for their wedding day festivities. read more

Top Five: Fall 2014

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The fall wedding season is being pushed aside by the upcoming winter weather, but that doesn’t mean our fall weddings were anything to scoff about! From embracing the cooling temperatures to warming the Ballroom with autumn’s colors, Shadowland was blessed with new ideas and inspiration. Here are our top five favorite concepts that took place in the Ballroom this past season:

1. Indoor Ceremonies

Shadowland’s Sunset Room offers a beautiful backdrop for a wedding ceremony. With the temperature dropping and chances of rain increasing, couples took to the Ballroom for their entire wedding celebration. Cocktail hour and hors d’oeuvre are usually served in the Boardwalk as guests socialize or take a Carousel ride as the Ballroom shifts from ceremony to reception. read more

Peach & Sage

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Last week we held a beautiful wedding in our Ballroom and I absolutely fell in love with the color scheme: peach and sage. After a bit of research, I was delighted to see that these colors are actually trending for 2014, Fall 2014 specifically. With rich orange tones paired with a hearty countryside green, what’s not to love?

As the seasons begin to cool, darker hues of hunter and cranberry will be more the rage, but don’t discount their lighter cousins for an elegant and feminine touch. Include touches of chocolate, hints of coral, and accents of copper or brass for additional individuality! read more