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Archives: March 2018

Why Assign Tables?

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Just when you think you’re at the finish line of wedding planning you remember something—you were planning on assigning guests to tables. So you find the motivation, get your chilled glass of rose, and get ready to settle in for a night of fun. And you start. And you get about 5 minutes in before you realize this is the worst thing ever. You think, do I have to really do this? Well, I’m some circumstances no; you can get away with an open seating plan, but only sometimes. Trust me, sometimes you will need to buckle down and really assign your cousin Joe to sit with your friend from work to fill a table and that’s okay! But when is it appropriate for open seating and when is it not? Read on to find out! read more

To Open or Not to Open Gifts at the Bridal Shower

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Photography by Justin B. Hankins

Why do we open gifts at bridal showers? It seems like there is a weird shift that happens at some point because I feel like 98% of us are raised with the thought process indoctrinated in us that we don’t open gifts at parties. We don’t talk about gifts, we don’t ask where our gift is, we ignore the gift as we see our friends and family walk in with them; it’s like we have an uncomfortable relationship with gifts as kids. We love them and they are exciting but then we have to treat them as if they are fast food…something we love in private but have to tell the world we don’t like. But then suddenly we grow up, get engaged, and then talk freely about gifts! What are you registering for? Let’s open gifts at the shower! What kind of card box are you having at the reception? Like so confusing! Do we have to open gifts at the bridal shower? Ultimately, the decision is yours, but read on and see both sides of the coin. read more

Ring Maintenance

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I am willing to bet your engagement ring is probably one of the most valuable pieces of jewelry, if not the most valuable thing in general, you own. And it was gifted to you by your wonderful fiancée (isn’t that a fun word to say?!) and now you have to take care of it. Surprised to hear that? Yes that shiny ring on your finger deserves a little TLC from time to time. Read on to learn the tips and tricks to keep that rock sparkling forever.

Insure it

How many articles does this come up? From the second that ring is in your possession, make sure there is some sort of insurance policy on it! Add it to your homeowners or renters and know that you’re covered. Also, jewels and precious metals appreciate over time. Appraise it and adjust the value of it every 5 years or so to make sure that you are insuring it’s full value and not take an unnecessary hit if something does happen to it. read more